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32bit Convert It will Convert any unit of measurement to another unit of measurement
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2 December 2009

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32bit Convert It will Convert any unit of measurement to another unit of measurement including Length, Area, Volume, Mass, Density, and Speed.

Pros: 32bit Convert It is a Unit Converter that converts one unit to another in the same measurement group. The interface is a tabbed one that groups such measurements together. The tabs are marked as length, area, volume, mass, density and speed. A set of measurements applicable to such groups of measurement are listed on these pages. The measurements are arranged as a list with text fields next to them. For conversion from one unit to another you just type in the value in the appropriate text field. All other fields start showing equivalent values in the given unit. For each page there’s a explanatory note on the top left of what measurements are covered in the page. For example the length page has the explanation “length, distance” and the units listed are inches, feet, yards, rod, chains, miles, sea miles, millimeters, centimeters, decimeters, meters and kilometers.

You can choose how to display the resulting values by choosing from the Express Result as section. Options available are float only, the scientific form or whichever is shorter. Number of decimals to be used for rounding to arrive at the result can be specified. Specifying no trailing zeros drops those digits after decimal point. Clear control clears the text fields as a preparatory step for a set of calculations. Unless this specific clear button is used the calculations remain on the display even if tabs are changed or even the program is closed.

Cons: The results display can get confusing with so many values on a page. The ability to choose the input field and an output filed would have been a better option as it’d have avoided the clutter.

Overall a very useful calculator, simple to use and is good for 4 stars.

Publisher's description

32bit Convert It is a Unit Converter. You can type in values for a unit of measurement while the other units dynamically change to become equal in measurement.
In the main window, you will see the tabs, [Length], [Area], [Volume], [Mass], [Density], and [Speed]. Each tab will contain the different units for measuring the unit type.
Once in a tab, you will see a better description of the item in the top left corner. You can choose how to display the resulting values by choosing from the [Express Result as:] section. You can choose how many decimal places to display by selecting the number from [Round Decimal]. Select [No Trailing Zeros] if you do not want any trailing zeros at the end of the resulting values. Press the [Clear] button to clear the contents from all unit fields.
When you go from tab to tab or even close the program, 32bit Convert It will remember the values in each field so that when you come back, the values will still be displayed as you left them.
32bit Convert It
32bit Convert It
Version 09.12
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